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Current home design trends lean into neutral colors. While many people enjoy these neutral colors and find them calming, this trend isn’t for everyone. Some people (me!) love having pops of color around their homes but aren’t sure how to achieve it, especially in a sustainable way. Keep reading to learn about some easy ways to make your home more colorful and sustainable at the same time.

Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Colorful


Add natural color

One of the best ways I bring color into my home and help the environment is with plants. Growing and caring for indoor plants makes the air inside cleaner and brings natural color and life into the space. You can add a flowering potted plant to an entryway, herbs to your kitchen windowsill, or a hanging plant in your bathroom. Plants come in various sizes and colors, so you can always find room for one in your home.

If you have a green thumb, consider planting a garden outside and bringing clippings inside. While clipping won’t last long sitting in a vase of water in your home, outdoor plants will still help improve your local ecosystem.


Hang artwork

Artwork is a beautiful, easy way that I add color to my home. But before you run out and buy new artwork, consider what you already have. Do you have drawings that a neighbor's kid or grandchild made you? Is there artwork you stuffed in an attic or basement after a move? Are there creative supplies lying around that you could use to make hanging art? Children’s artwork, family artwork, and homemade artwork can all brighten your home and won’t require you to open your wallet. They make your home unique and colorful and will give you something to smile at after a long day. Another interesting option to consider: bold wallpaper! Or how about turning one of your own images into a poster or having it printed on stretched canvas. And don't forget about textiles - beautiful fabric can be stretched over a frame and you have an instant block of color.


Re-stain furniture

If you want something more permanent than plants and artwork, consider re-staining your furniture to make it more colorful. There are simple ways to stain furniture with mica powder that allow you to customize the color and create whatever colorful effect you want. You can also re-upholster cushions and update other pieces of the re-stained furniture to add more to the new colorful look. If you want a large pop of color, you can re-stain something large, like a table, but if you want a smaller bit of color, you can try it out on a lamp.

There are lots of easy, sustainable ways to make your home more colorful. Using what’s already in your home or updating what’s already there will save you money, help you live more sustainably, and benefit the environment. Sustainability continues to grow as a lifestyle trend, so even if your colors don’t match the current home design trends, your lifestyle can.



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