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A fantastic book is a necessity to pack, whether you're planning a relaxed vacation or a much-
needed winter-sun getaway.

Finding a page-turner that you can't put down is the nicest feeling in the world, which is why we looked around for the top novels to read on your next sustainable vacation. 

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1. Babel, Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators’ Revolution
by R.F. Kuang


1828. The mysterious Professor Lovell transports the cholera orphan Robin Swift from Canton to London. He spends years there learning Latin, Ancient Greek, and Chinese in order to be prepared for the day he enrolls in Oxford University's renowned Royal Institute of Translation, popularly known as Babel.

Babel is the hub of the world for both magic and translation. Silver working, the art of using enchanted silver bars to manifest the meaning lost in translation, has given the British an unmatched amount of power as it aids the Empire's goal of colonization.

For Robin, Oxford is the ideal location because everyone there is committed to studying. Robin, a Chinese youngster reared in Britain, is aware that serving Babel means betraying his motherland because knowledge is subject to power. Robin is forced to decide between the mysterious Hermes Society—a group devoted to opposing imperial expansion—and Babel as his studies progress. When Britain launches an unfair conflict with China over opium and silver, Robin is forced to make a decision.

2. The One Woman by Laura May


The latest sapphic love story by author Laura May is titled The One Woman. Julie is a graphic artist who uses a variety of viewpoints, but neither her life nor her relationship with Mark stand out. Till Ann appears. Ann is attractive, smart, and successful. Julie finds it hard to argue against the chemistry they had straight away after stumbling into each other.

In Barcelona, their pasts will come into contact, reigniting the flame. Julie is forced to decide between her devotion to Mark and her love for Ann when tragedy strikes. Can pure love withstand hardship? Find out in Laura May's book.

3. Tapping the Source by Kem Nunn


People travel to Huntington Beach in quest of the ideal surf, never-ending parties, and the highest highs. Ike Tucker arrived in order to search for his missing sister and the three men who might have killed her. Ike's hunt leads him through a strange world of crazy Vietnam veterans, sadistic surfers, drug dealers, and enigmatic seducers in that locale of gilded surfers and sun- bleached blonds. When he peers into the darkness, he discovers gatherings that tend toward senseless violence, joyless holidays, highs from which you might never recover, as well as a sea of long-forgotten animosities and failed dreams. And if he isn't careful, he will never return from his quest.

4. The Moment of Letting Go by J.A. Redmerski



After graduating from college, Sienna Murphy landed a well-regarded profession and attained the security she had always desired—until her job sends her to the Oahu coastlines, where she crosses paths with surfer Luke Everett. She lets her heart take charge for the first time. She spontaneously decides to abandon everything and remain in Hawaii for two more weeks after being drawn to his carefree appeal.

Luke has an active lifestyle. He believes that some casual fun is exactly what Sienna needs when he first meets her. Luke is unable to ignore the strong connection he feels as their nights soon transition from lighthearted to passionate. Luke, though, doesn't do long-term because his harrowing background has made him aware of how fragile the future might be.

5. The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh


For generations, deadly storms have devastated Mina's home country. Villages are completely destroyed by floods, and wars are fought for the little resources that are still available. Her people think that the Sea God, who formerly protected them, has cursed them with death and hopelessness. Every year, in an effort to placate him, a lovely girl is cast into the sea to serve as the Sea God's bride, with the hope that one day the "real bride" will be chosen and the misery will come to an end. 

Many people think that Shim Cheong, the village's most attractive girl and the girl Mina's older brother Joon loves the most, might be the fabled true bride. Joon, although knowing that interfering would result in death, nevertheless pursues Cheong out to sea on the night that Cheong is to be sacrificed. Mina jumps into the river in place of Cheong to save her brother. 

Mina, who has been carried away to the Spirit Realm, discovers the Sea God asleep in an enchanted sleep after being swept away to this wonderful place full of lesser gods and fantastic creatures. Mina sets out to awaken the Sea God and put an end to the deadly storms with the assistance of an enigmatic young man named Shin and a diverse group of demons, gods, and spirits. 

A human cannot survive in the country of the spirits for very long, thus she doesn't have much

6. Hidden Pictures by Jason Rekulak


Mallory Quinn has just finished her therapy when she agrees to work as Ted and Caroline Maxwell's babysitter. Their five-year-old son Teddy will be in her care. 

Mallory quickly adapts to it. She lives independently, enjoys nighttime runs, and has the stability she requires. Teddy is a sweet, timid boy who always has a notebook and a pencil with him, and she actually relates with him. Trees, rabbits, and balloons are some of the common sketching subjects he employs. But one day, he draws an entirely different picture: a man pulling a woman's corpse through a forest. 

After that, Teddy's drawings got scarier, and his stick figures swiftly morph into lifelike creations that are much more complex than anything a five-year-old could create. Mallory begins to question if these hints point to a long-standing murder that hasn't been investigated. Despite being aware of how absurd everything sounds, Mallory sets out to interpret the visions and save Teddy before it's too late.


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