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Metal items, both large and small, pose a challenge when they’ve reached the end of their useful life or they simply don’t fit with your home or your lifestyle. While recycling is an option, for many people hauling metal items to a recycling plant or junkyard that will accept them is a major undertaking. You might have to rent a flatbed or a trailer, and then there’s the lifting, securing, and unloading to consider.

Before you try to shove your old metal filing cabinets or chain link fencing into the back of your SUV for a trip to the recycler, consider these five creative ways to repurpose scrap metal.


5 Creative Ways To Repurpose Scrap Metal


When I searched online for scrap metal furniture, I found an amazing array of items created from scrap metal. There was a rolling ottoman made from a washing machine drum, several coat racks created from bent forks, old bolts, or even golf clubs attached to wood planks or an old hand saw.

People have used rebar as legs for chairs or balustrades for stair railings, and even the back of an old Ford pickup as a bed. I’m sure you’ve seen stools made from old tractor seats, but have you seen chairs or benches made from oil drums?

Some creative ways to repurpose scrap metal require special skills, such as metal cutting or welding. If these aren’t your forte, you can probably find a small metalworking shop in your area that can produce the parts you need or a welder who is willing to connect metal pieces for a table, chair, or bench.

Kitchen items

Another creative use for scrap metal is to transform it into practical and decorative kitchen organizers. I found images of old bed springs attached to copper pipes to make a wine rack and a section of old fencing used as a rack for hanging pots and pans.


Garden supports or outdoor art

Instead of recycling extra chain link, why not weave it through your garden in a serpentine pattern as a support for climbing plants or veggies? Scrap metal also makes wonderful garden art. I found an image of a garden beetle made out of the business end of an old shovel. Shiny hubcaps strategically placed in your garden might deter some pests, protecting your veggies and berries from greedy birds.


Light fixtures

Turn an old metal pail into a charming lampshade for a pendant light. A little paint and a hole in the bottom to string the chain through is all you need. Drill a few holes around the top of the pail to hook on some decorative crystals. You could also use a section of chain link or even bed springs bent to form a cylinder or rectangle as decorative light fixtures.


Planters and candles

Metal containers, large and small, make great planters. Round or rectangular, you can use them as container gardens on your front stoop or out on the patio.

Small metal items make great candle holders. Put your candle-making skills to work and transform twist-off bottle caps into tea lights.

Coasters made of old gears, stools made from bike parts, and birdhouses made of old license plates—all it takes is some imagination and a little metal fabrication to help find creative ways to repurpose scrap metal.




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