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In a world full of over-consumption, it’s better to learn how to care for our items rather than toss them away and purchase something new. It’s incredibly easy to learn how to clean and polish wooden floors and doors to improve a home’s natural wood and bring it back to life!

Wooden floors

Both mopping and vacuuming are possible for wooden floors! I’ll share a quick trick to keeping hardwood floors in pristine condition all year long.

Cleaning with a vacuum

Before using a vacuum on a hardwood floor, change it to the “hard floor” setting. It turns off the rotating brush, which is ideal for cleaning carpets. The vacuum will only remove dust and dirt without scratching the surface.

Cleaning with a mop

There are more messes to worry about than just cleaning up crumbs, dirt, and pet hair lingering on the floors.

A simple mixture is all it takes to mop wooden floors thoroughly. I create a mix of mild dish soap and water, and it does the trick!

After placing the mop into the soapy water, I wring out as much water as possible. Excessive water can seep between the boards and cause the wood to rot, crack, or lose its durability. By implementing this method, I noticed the floors dried well on their own.

Polishing wooden floors

Spread an even layer of hardwood floor polish across the floor. Apply light pressure to the applicator pad and gently spread the polish with the wood grain. It’s best to polish the floor in small sections so one area doesn’t receive more polish than another.

Wait about two hours until walking on the floor with socks only. After 24 hours, furniture, rugs, and pets can return to the area.

Solid wood interior doors

I absolutely adore my solid wood doors! They are subtle yet gorgeous features that transform my home. Just like natural hardwood floors, solid wood interior doors need some extra care to improve their longevity.

Cleaning wood interior doors

I start by dusting the door before anything else. Next, I mix the same mopping solution in a bowl.

Then, I wipe away any stains or dirt with a non-abrasive sponge. When the stains are gone, I like to take one more glance at the door for any soap residue. I use clean water to rinse it away, and finish drying the door with a clean towel.

Polishing wood interior doors

Interior doors see less weathering than exterior doors in constant contact with the outdoors. While it may not seem necessary, it’s important to use wood oil on interior doors because it nourishes the wood and creates a shine like no other!

Always check the type of wood door you have when choosing an oil, and choose a polish color similar to the wood’s color. Use a clean cloth and apply the polish in thin layers along the grain. Apply one to two coats, and you’ll notice the difference in no time.

It’s time to bring the shine back to the surface! All it takes is a little extra effort to clean and polish your wooden floors and doors to make them appear like new!




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