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After a long winter’s sleep, spring is finally arriving in the northern hemisphere. Nature is slowly blooming and we feel much better, ready to make some changes that will help us wake up from hibernation. We all feel a need to change something, but where should we start?



Usually, the best place to start is with some quick and easy home improvements, as happy homes make happy people, and happy people make happy homes. And if the improvements are budget-friendly, all the more power to you!

Upgrade roof, doors and windows

After long and cold winter months, the first thing you should do is check your roof, doors and windows. This is where the majority of energy is lost, in case they don’t seal property or in case there’s any damage done. Since they are exposed to weather conditions year-round, they probably need some resealing. 

What’s more, since the roof is supposed to protect you from rain, cold and heat, you also need to ensure that it’s in mint condition. Luckily, this doesn’t have to cost a fortune; you can easily take care of it on a budget, and you can even do it yourself. Adding some foil insulation to your existing roof insulation would do much good. It is a very effective method to prevent heat loss and condensation in cold weather. It will also help losing cool air in summer, so it works all year-round.

If you are not ready to install energy-efficient windows, there is a budget-friendly solution for your problem. You can add some caulk, weather stripping and even glaze to your windows. You can also install a door sweep at the bottom of your doors, and add some weather stripping on the sides and at the top. 


Change your lighting

Another way to do some sustainable and budget-friendly home improvements is to install energy-efficient lighting. It might be the easiest one, but it’s also very effective. Wherever it is possible, use LED lights, as they save up to 90% energy compared to regular bulbs. So, not only will you update your lighting, but you’ll also significantly reduce your electricity bills. Even in the summer when you have to keep your shutters or blinds closed to keep your home cooler, you will save energy: instead of the AC unit, you can switch the light on. Doing so will spend far less energy than having your blinds open with direct sunlight heating up your space, which would require you to resort to turning your AC on. 



While on the topic of shutters, make sure you check to see if they’re still in good condition and if they need any touch-ups. If they show signs of wear and tear, make sure you strip them off their old paint, and treat them with a fresh coat. Alternatively, if you don’t have shutters, you should definitely consider investing in them. 


Water heater

As we are head over heels about saving on energy costs, there is another way to do it: consider a tankless water heater. These heaters do not heat a tank full of water and keep it hot, but instead they heat what you need when you actually need them to. There are tankless water heaters that heat water in a matter of seconds, and take up far less space than some other alternatives. If this interests you, consider replacing all of your existing water heathers with these tankless alternatives. This home improvement project will require an upfront investment, but it will help you save money in the long run.


Ceiling fans

Finally, if you wish to add a bit more comfort to your living space, you can also consider installing ceiling fans. Unlike AC units, these fans don’t emit any gas or toxins into the air, which makes them a far eco-friendlier alternative. And with so many modern alternatives on the market, you can easily find something that will suit your style and d├ęcor, without necessarily breaking the bank. Ceiling fans are such a small investment, installing them is super easy, yet they offer so many benefits in return.



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