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Creating an eco-friendly backyard space is something that you can both feel good about an enjoy. Considering your options in sustainable decking will help you create the perfect outdoor oasis for relaxation, entertainment, dining, and much more. Your options aren’t limited to bland styles either; you can find plenty of choices that are both earth-friendly and gorgeous. 

Whether you want something playful or elegant, sustainable decking can provide you with the aesthetics and materials you’re looking for when sprucing up your yard. 

Consider the Different Options in Sustainable Decking 

Your deck is a primary focal point of your backyard, so it’s natural that you would spend adequate time considering what you want out of the investment. If sustainable decking is what you’re looking for, consider the different options that might have the look and feel you’re going for. 

A popular choice includes responsibly sourced hardwoods, including redwood, cedar, bamboo, and Bazilian IPE. Composite decking is another option many people choose, thanks to its durability and beautiful look. These can be made entirely of new materials, but some are made of a combination of new and recycled materials, or made through a more eco-friendly process. Ask questions about the materials and how the decking is made when considering composite decking as a sustainable option. Recycled decking materials are a very eco-friendly choice that can be made of porcelain, reclaimed wood or other reclaimed materials, HDPE recycled decking, and upcycled aluminum among others. Look up “deck builder near me” to find the best types and services in your area. 

Consider the Process for Making the Decking

The materials the decking is made of are just one aspect to think about; the specific processes are also important to consider. Some companies are specifically using processes that are more sustainable when creating their decking, whether they use recycled or standard materials. If the company has an eco-friendly manufacturing process, it can be worth considering for your decking when you have sustainability in mind. 

Set Up Your Deck in a Way That Encourages Sustainability

When planning your deck for an eco-friendly yard setup, you may also want to think about the overall layout and plan, too, and how that can be done to conserve energy and encourage sustainability. Rather than setting the deck in direct sunlight and requiring fans, can the deck be placed in a shaded area? Or are there eco-friendly shade or awning options to invest in? While you need a deck that’s large enough to meet your needs, are there ways to make the design feel more spacious or expansive in design with fewer materials? Keep the deck clean by installing it in an area that’s not prone to mud, or add shoe cleaners and rugs near deck entrances; you’ll conserve water and cleaning supplies while helping keep your deck fresh and clean. You might incorporate plants or garden areas in or on the deck as well. 

Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture and Lighting to Add to Your Deck Area 

When you’re adding those essentials to your deck and the surrounding area to make it perfect, consider investing in sustainable furniture options as well. Whether you choose furniture made from recycled materials, opt for secondhand furniture, or upcycle other furniture pieces to be used outdoors, there are many sustainable options on patio furniture. Don’t forget about the lighting, either. Consider solar lights, either on the deck itself or surrounding it, ro keep the space well-lit and add a beautiful ambiance. 

Landscape With Native Plants and Decorate With Natural or Upcycled Materials

The plants you use in your backyard design surrounding your deck can also make a difference. Add native plants, or plant trees that add shade to the yard. Decorate and add accents with natural, recycled, or upcycled items that you can feel good about reusing to add beauty to the space. Use anything from old marbles to upcycled compact discs to create outdoor decor. You can even create natural pathways around the deck (using items like stone or mulch) or add a solar-powered fountain for added detail. 

Incorporate Functional Details Like Rain Barrels and Compost Stations

Your backyard can be both beautiful and functional to be at its eco-friendly best. When you’re considering all the elements of a sustainable back yard, don’t forget about practical aspects like setting up a rain barrel, creating compost stations, or starting an organic vegetable garden. You may want to limit or eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers as you transform your space into a more eco-friendly design as well. 

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