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Upcycle: mass-produced canvas becomes original art

upcycled art

This post has been, literally, years in the making! When I got this IKEA canvas in 2014, I knew I'd paint over it one day. But it's taken a long time to make it happen and then write about it.

A project like this doesn't fall under general repurposing or upcycled craft. But I'm sharing it anyway because it does reflect my commitment to finding new uses for things I might otherwise want to get rid of. And I really didn't want this generic IKEA print around anymore! So here's to reusing old canvas.

And for those of you who are interested, it shows the process I went through in creating a large piece of art (35 x 46 inches - all acrylic).

Repurpose: Magazine file coffee table...

This insanely clever repurposing of magazine files won the 2012 Ikea Hack of the year (yes, there is such a thing. Please click through and take a look at the details - there's so much more to it than what I can picture here. (via)