DIY: Doodle Twoots! | the ReFab Diaries

I was thinking of about the "slow" version of a Tweet... just like we had to come up with the term "snail mail" once we needed to distinguish speedy electronic comms from that tedious paper stuff.  I think the term "twoot" is not uncommon and that made me think of an owl... that could deliver say, a gift card.  Or be used by the tooth fairy.  Or carry a little love note.  So here's the first stab at this little soft-toy / pillow creature.  The front wing is the carrying pocket.  He will soon be joined by a Mail Snail and, perhaps, a Carrier Pigeon.  Right now, these are going to be Christmas gifts for all the kids I know.  They might turn into "finish-it-yourself" kits sold on Etsy.  We'll see how well my industry is able to meet my ambition on this one!

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