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Three exciting things to share with you!  First, my friend Lisa (of Poldapop Designs) has been featured over at Rhonda's Creative Life! Second, she's launched her very first Poldapop Pattern! And third, she's celebrating the launch with a free tutorial (care of Rhonda) for the awesome zippered wallet pictured above. So, you can follow the tutorial or buy the pattern!  If you would rather have the pattern, Lisa is sponsoring a sale on the pattern which will run until February 28th. You can find her pattern in her Etsy shopThe introductory price of the pattern is a mere $5.00. After February 28th, the pattern will be $7.50. So you can make the pattern using the dimensions that are included in her tutorial, or save a little time and order the pattern, or, if you would rather not be bothered, she also has finished wallets and bags available in her Esty shop. Lots of options!!  


London Mummy is far too chic for her own good.  On the other hand, the idea of simply raising a child successfully in London makes my hair hurt. 


 These beautiful tutorials are available via her beautiful blog.  Find the house here.  You'll see several links to the blocks on the same page.

Christine's beautiful blog, Jane Avion, is a treasure trove.  Find her tutorial for the Moth Closet Sachets here.  The hedgehog's name is Igel.  And while Christine deems him "not terribly original", I think he's wonderful.  Find a pattern for the little guy here.

I was thinking of about the "slow" version of a Tweet... just like we had to come up with the term "snail mail" once we needed to distinguish speedy electronic comms from that tedious paper stuff.  I think the term "twoot" is not uncommon and that made me think of an owl... that could deliver say, a gift card.  Or be used by the tooth fairy.  Or carry a little love note.  So here's the first stab at this little soft-toy / pillow creature.  The front wing is the carrying pocket.  He will soon be joined by a Mail Snail and, perhaps, a Carrier Pigeon.  Right now, these are going to be Christmas gifts for all the kids I know.  They might turn into "finish-it-yourself" kits sold on Etsy.  We'll see how well my industry is able to meet my ambition on this one!