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If you've got kids (or work with kids) you've got crayons.  Lots of them. Melting down broken pieces to create colorful "new" crayons is an old idea ... but a good one, so I keep seeing creative versions for weddings, holidays and parties.  If the silicone cookie /candy mould exists, you can make crayons in that shape (gingerbread crayons for the holidays?)

I was inspired to finally feature crayons myself thanks to the amazing "crayon art" tutorial recently posted on 52 Kitchen Adventures.  What a FANTASTIC way to involve kids in making art... never mind the "science" of melting, mixing, cooling etc.

Melted crayon wedding favors?  Not sure about this one ... but great for the kid's table!

A different, more grown-up take on the dripping crayon art idea... care of Jenna Brown

An oh-so-pretty example of sorting the scraps and re-inventing them! 

A sweet, colorful valentine that includes a little sparkle .... from Whipperberry.  

Crayon-themed birthday party?  Color me in!

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