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Winter in the midwest is long ... when you have a kid, it's interminable. I had no idea!!  So we asked relatives to get us a membership to the Chicago Children's Museum (good way to minimize how much stuff we got for her first birthday).  We figured it would help us get out of the house and give the wee person a place to run around and be crazy.  We thought we were being pretty smart at the time.  With hindsight, it was a genius decision!  I love the place.  It's welcoming, stimulating and, above all, constantly surprising.  Since the focus is on tactile experience, we spend a lot of time *doing* stuff.  But the last time we were there, I spent some time just looking ... and guess what I saw?  Repurposing, recycling and ingenius refashioning everywhere!  So here's a taste.

Bottle tops, buttons, marbles and dice ... as part of displays and decor.

The Dino-Dig room is awesome ... where else can a 19 month old (safely) uncover a huge dinosaur all by herself?  The excavation pit is filled with pieces of old tire.  It's the perfect material.

The Inventing Lab is a favorite spot.  I didn't photograph the musical slide or the invent-your-own-flying machine contraption.  What I did capture is a slip 'n slide constructed using rolling pins.  And the musical bench - it plays like a giant guitar.

Finally, pics of the water ways.  Lots of levers and pumps ... lots of opportunity to get wet and learn about cause and effect.  Lots of great colors for me to photograph.
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