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Perhaps re-purposing etc appeals so much to me because it exposes the hidden potential in ordinary things. You take something mundane and make it a centerpiece. You bring something rough and utilitarian indoors ... smooth the rough edges just a little and give it a second chance.  I guess I'm an optimist - I definitely believe in second chances!

I think this pendant lamp from Poppytalk sums it up.  An old wire wastebasket has its shining moment!  It provides a soft glow, thanks to a little scrap-fabric weaving.  Read on for a few more ideas on the theme...

A ladder takes center stage at a wedding.  For more repurposed ladders, 
see this Apartment Therapy post or this inspiring Pinterest board

Stove-top trivets get another shot thanks to paint and thread 

Old plastic and glass bottles get the warm-and-fuzzies ...

Salvaged wood in a bedroom ...see House Tweaking for the how-to

DIY-able scrap wood coat tree...

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