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Upcycle: Neon spring ... really?

When I think neon, I think the image above. A bright, fun upcycle of beer bottles, but it also makes the 80's teen in me cringe... a lot.  Is it really necessary to bring neon back? It's a fairly intimidating trend ... I'm really not ready for another go round with giant neon hoop earrings, shocking socks, hot pink belts and day-glo lipstick. Yes - lipstick. Wow.

I'm not a slave to trend, so I can simply avoid it.  But, when it's apparent everywhere, I do have to pay attention a little.  And neon is screamingly trendy for spring.  However, the strong representation I'm seeing is a balance of neon and "natural" neutrals (quick skim of Pinterest is revealing). Neon combined not just with beige/white, but with natural textures.  It's appealing.  I admit.  So, while I'm not ready for the fluorescent blast pictured above, I do rather like the version below - and the trend overall:  small pops of very bright color added to the (old, dated) beige items in your world.

Wrapped milk bottles upcycled into vases ... from Remodelista

Simple, color-blocked, coiled rope basket care of Design Sponge

Last year's neutral heels get a lift ... gotta Love Maegan

Neon toed shoes for your bridesmaids?  Green Wedding Shoes says yes.

The flower-child/hippy in me cannot resist duct tape as a starting material ... or fluorescent feathers as a way to wear neon.

The grown-up in me thinks "hey - that's actually classy".  Care of A Pair and a Spare

This Hello Giggles tutorial is all about turning washers into holiday ornaments.  These look like pendants to me and I like them.  Especially combined with the rough twine.  Shine on!!

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