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The first time Ms Ro saw an umbrella (9 mnts?), she looked like Chicken Little - face full of fear ... then she burst into tears and refused to look up at the green alien thing hovering above us.  For at least a few months are that, she was terrified of umbrellas, in general. Brollyphobia? Poppinsphobia?

I, being a brave grown up, am not afraid of the brolly.  But I do find them annoying. They break. Far too easily. And then what?  You have to dump them and buy another one.  Because you need both a good raincoat and a working umbrella right?  When I saw the Stenciled Umbrella idea (below) I went looking for other ways to brighten up or repurpose umbrellas. Here's what I found:  

Bright, fun DIY fruit-slice umbrellas by Studio DIY

A perfect welcome to a rainy spring ... see the water in the bottom? More of this umbrella wreath here

A little DIY personalizing using buttons.  

Use the fabric to make colorful skirts?  Fun idea but I'm wondering about gusts.... ? 

Sweet re-use ... if you're lucky enough to have a dog who'll actually stay out in the rain.  My dog cowers like she's in an acid downpour! 

I swear my grandmother spent good money on a hood like this!  You'll find another doggie-raincoat tutorial here too.

Give those old brollies an opportunity to keep doing what they do best.  I love this idea

Doesn't get much simpler than this ... and considering how durable umbrella fabric is, your little decorative banner is bound to last.

Perfectly creepy way to reuse a frame.  I hope one of my umbrellas is RIP by Halloween.

A broken market umbrella becomes a clothes frame! This amazing transformation is care of Ann from Arty Green in Paradise

Halogen bulbs and crystal bring some serious sparkle to this old frame ... via T.O.M.T.

The instructions for making this magazine rack went the way of Ready Made magazine ... pity. But I found written instructions for a similar project here.

Use a cutting board and and old umbrella handle to create a "trophy" style coat rack

The top of this play tent is created using an old umbrella and a hula hoop. Awesome.

Or .... make art.  Great round-up of umbrella installations here.

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  1. I kind of went googly-eyed at the artsy umbrella tree. I love it perhaps too much. Lots of good ideas! Nice roundup :D

    1. Glad you like post ... I think the tree warrants your googly eyes. :)

  2. Great ideas! I especially like the tent one! So many great ideas and implementations! Thanks for sharing!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. A whole lotta "why didn't I think of that". Wonderful ideas.

  4. How exciting! I picked up a broken umbrella from a parking lot the other day and salvaged the fabric thinking "I can totally use this for something!"

    1. If you make something, I'd love to see it! My contact info is in the "About" section.


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