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I love Anthropologie - the store designs and overall aesthetic of the buyers.  I don't love the non-sale prices.  And I don't love the political leanings of the man atop the brand (which includes Free People and Urban Outfitters). I own clearance items purchased with gift cards.  More than anything, I get a kick out of "athro-hacking" or "anthro-morphing", if you will.  If I can be inspired by (i.e. steal) their ideas and make it myself (or anthro-morph something thrifted), I will.

So here's my most recent morph, based on lots of leaf earrings I saw in store a couple of weeks ago.  I liked the idea of white (I don't wear gold) ... and I loved the beads down the center of the leaf.  Here's my version ... instructions below.

Anthro-morphed Earrings - DIY

I found huge leaf pendant earrings at a thrift store a few years ago.  Most of the leaves were tarnished, but I salvaged a couple and I wear them as simple silver leaf earrings.  Since I have lots more leaves to play with, I grabbed a can of white spray paint and went to town on two of them.

Spray painting something small like this is fiddly and requires more patience than I really have.  They needed several coats.

I used a little jewelry wire and deep marine-blue beads from my stash.  This "beading" involved some super-simple thread-and-loop wiring.  I could have glued them on, but I thought the wiring would ultimately be more durable.  And .... done.

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