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Once upon a time, I went on a virtual quest for book-page jewelry ... or book-paper beads.  I found some great tutorials and gathered them together in a story (post) called Wearable Words that has, to date, been viewed over 25,000 times. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's cool to wear knowledge... !!  So here's wearable words, Part II - mostly not jewelry.  Another 14 ideas for making sure your thoughts are on your shoes / head / arm / nails etc.  (warning: bad puns and corny wordplay ahead...)

First, get your toes in the know with this very smart pair of flats!  Fabulous dictionary [shoo]s care of SeeKateSew - pictured above. Or use the phone book instead.

Newsy nails? Love them.  Get instructions here, here and here.  (image via Squidoo)

A little bookish flourish ... book-page headband made with scrap vinyl and dictionary pages care of LePetiteSweetCupcakes.

Don't worry - not a tutorial.  This is the amazing wearable sculpture that inspired this post's title:  The Modern Woman Wears Knowledge .... by Alicia Kovalcheck.

Etsy inspiration ...  book page bobby pins from Huggies Hodgepodge

Paper, cotton and linen corsage created for Prom - because books are cool and a smart Cinderella should wear a little story to the ball. I love this flower and it's a great stepping stone to the Mark Montano cuff / bracelet pictured below.

I'm a big fan of Saved by Love Creations. Instructions for this wise little bud here ... and matching bracelet here.

Fierce statement bracelets mid make ... go get the tutorial (and see the finished product ) at Alma Stoller.

For a serious does of inspiration check out all the Pride and Prejudice bling at SegnaLibro ...

I saw these opinionated buttons on Etsy ... and found a tutorial for them here.

Ok ... so there's more jewelry here than there should be.  But how could I resist linking to a book-page and button pendant?

A little Pinterest search turns up lots of tutorials for book purses and I've already featured my favorites here.  But I love the beautifully repurposed book-activity-book care of CosmoCricket

And this wonderfully romantic repurposing of old books and an old belt from Steamfashion.

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  1. This is great stuff. There's more jewelry made by recycled books at this site:

  2. This is a wonderful round up. I feel all special now. Thanks for the shout out, and for being a fan. I truly appreciate it!!


    Printable Decor
    Saved By Love Creations
    Decor 2 Adore{able}

  3. Thanks for the feature! Awesome round-up! I love words :)

  4. What a wonderful post! I honestly cannot make enough book page awesomeness. Good thing I work in a book store, eh? lol

    Thanks so much for featuring my hair pin. I'm so flattered!


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