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To amp up your lamp
and fab up your walls,
just say catted and hatted
from Fabulously Flawed!

Happy birthday to Dr Suess!  I'm marking Dr Seuss day with some great repurposing of a classic. Read good books with your kids today ... then head to Fabulously Flawed for the Seussical DI-Yuuuusical!

My mom used to buy miles of ribbon and make her own gift bows. Not because she wanted to (there was a lot of complaining as she went) but because back in ye olden days, you couldn't just buy them from a store. Hmmmm. I wondered if I could, a) remember how to make one and b) use an old book page to do it. Here's my attempt! Instructions ahead ...  

Last week I posted a tutorial that involved a simple upcycle of a bottle. Today's tutorial involves a little more work. But really very little. Please note: I created this "paper bottle" for my own use and I'm sharing the steps I took. Complete instructions after the jump.

Hello lovely reader folk. You all know I love creating with old book pages etc. Inspired by some things I've seen recently, I wanted to take a stab at creating a simple, cheap-n-cheerful "paper bottle". Today I'm showing you the steps for my first attempt. There's another, slightly more complex version, on the way (see the pic below). Read on for the tutorial ...

Ok - it's another filing-cabinet refab. But she did it with book pages!! And you know me and book pages. And it looks amazing ... right? Complete how-to at The Space Between

Use hammered bottle caps and book pages to create an one-of-kind piece. Full set of instructions at Mixed Kreations

Once upon a time, I went on a virtual quest for book-page jewelry ... or book-paper beads.  I found some great tutorials and gathered them together in a story (post) called Wearable Words that has, to date, been viewed over 25,000 times. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's cool to wear knowledge... !!  So here's wearable words, Part II - mostly not jewelry.  Another 14 ideas for making sure your thoughts are on your shoes / head / arm / nails etc.  (warning: bad puns and corny wordplay ahead...)