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I few weeks ago I needed to shorten a morning run and turned down a street not usually on my route.  Consequently, I discovered this house just a few blocks from me in Rogers Park. I am *not* the first person to put pics of this place online (Apt Therapy 2010) but I couldn't resist going back to photograph it. 

I think this is an amazing use of unwanted bike frames. No, I haven't knocked on the door and asked questions about how, when, where or why. And I know that bikes can go and go (I grew up in South Africa!) so this kind of repurposing might seem extreme.  But... if there were this many frames lying around, I'm glad someone used them! 

Is it "attractive"? It does suite the house and the neighborhood ... and it's clever and carefully constructed.

According to a friend (I don't know bike hardware!), the stair railing is made of crank arms. Whatever they are, I think it's a great finishing touch.

What do you think?

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