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It's officially summer (in my hemisphere)! I celebrated with an early-morning run to the lake. Watching the sun come up over Lake Michigan is one of the pleasures of living on "the coast of Chicago". I'm also marking the solstice with a little roundup of quirky container-gardening ideas. If, like me, you live in a flat/apartment in a city (and have seriously restricted outdoor space) you have to get creative if you want to grow things. I say go all out and have some fun with it! (warning: this post contains pics of unmentionables)

A rooftop farm in Brooklyn, NY.  The more I look at this picture, the more I love what they did.

I love the old guitar on the Brooklyn rooftop, so I went in search of more guitar gardens. I found this!

Keeping it musical, an old stereo / boombox gets a new life, literally (via)

This vintage TV turned succulent diorama is incredible! All the handiwork of @plantsandcollecting.

Turn three old baskets and some cord into a hanging garden ... care of A Beautiful Mess.

I'm a geek, so floppy disks and switch plates turned into planters makes me happy.  Get the DIY on the floppy disks from Hello Brit. Tutorial for the switch plate planters at Ready Made.

Old bike helmets! Even the "display unit" has been repurposed.  Love it.

OK ... heading into unmentionable territory.  I really like that time was taken to paint the seat red. Seen on TrashSociety

Yup ... I went there. How could I not?  And petunias, mind you. Or should that be a pair of petunias?

If you have too many purses/handbags (you know who you are!) ... do this

A very organized summer collection .... 

Handy toolbox repurpose from Ginger Jolly....  

A succulent little red wagon ...   Via Greenopolis

I love how versatile this cart garden seems to be (via)

VJ Urban's "greenroof" doghouse featured on Apartment Therapy

If you have a little more space (or want to use vertical space) how great is this bike wheel/frame trellis, care of Crafting a Green World.

Best for last? Maybe! I love these heady planters so so so much! Care of Kate G.

Want more recycled planter ideas? Head here and here.

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  1. WOW! this is really amazing! loved the idea!


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