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Film/negative repurposing week continues!  Today, it's about decor and other little bits and bobs. First, the amazing shelves!  I know some people whose home is cool enough to warrant shelving like this (and who are talented enough to make it!) These beautiful things were created by VU35  .... check out the behind the scenes shots for a sense of how they did it  (via Photojojo)

For a slightly simpler project: an Ikea hack!  Wrap old film around a cheap lamp. 

Again - super simple way to give a nasty desk lamp a little warmth and character. 

Or make a complete lamp shade yourself. 

These would add some ambience to tables at an outdoor gathering... 

Ok, this is quirky. But I really like this image!  It's an ongoing project... creating a curtain of broken reading glasses and negatives.

Actually use the negatives to print onto fabric!  Complete how to at Photojojo

Embellish a gift for the photographer in your life? 

And now that you've used up the negatives, what about the plastic film canisters?  How about a little storage for the sewist in the house?

And finally, one slide project.  The Kodachrome curtain!  It took 114 slides to make it ... I think it's extraordinary. Get the how to at Craftster.  For a beautiful roundup of slide projects, visit Dishfunctional Designs.

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