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Whew. Ok. "Negative" week has literally tuckered me out. But I did it. Actually stuck to the theme ... launched my first giveaway (go enter!) and published two tutorials. Unlike the earrings (for which I was able to draw inspiration) this necklace came about through trial and error. I'm not saying there's nothing else out there like it. But if there is, I haven't seen it.  So without further ado, here's how to make one:

1. You need basic jewelry-making supplies: chain, jump rings, a closer and jewelry wire. I added a couple of beads for interest. (and I used jewelry pliers, not pictured).

2. To create a flower, I used 5 differently sized pieces of negative. I tried more - it didn't work. As you add each piece to the wire, be ready to hold on to all of them - they're springy! Slip them on, alternating long and short pieces, and trust that the next step will get you the result.

3. As you tighten the wire, gently push each piece into its "petal" shape. Remember, you're working with flexible, sturdy stuff. So gently, but firmly, nudge your petals into place.

4. Here are my three final flowers. Wrap the wire around itself a few times and snip it off with scissors or jewelry pliers.

5. Join the petals with jump rings. Be sure to place the ring through *two* holes on both sides. Then it stays flat and helps the whole necklace stay flat. I added a bead to each ring before closing it. Then cut your chain to the length you want it, add the closure and attach it your necklace. Done.

Note: This is original work. If you post my pictures anywhere, please respect the work and link back to my post.
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  1. Love the idea...isn't it a bit scratchy though?

    1. Hi Lisa ... good question! You know, it's actually so light you don't really feel it there. :)


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