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Ok! Here's what I made with my Pick Punch (Enter to win the punch if you haven't already!).  I've laid out this post tutorial style, but I hesitate to call this a tutorial because there are very few steps involved.

1. I gathered my used cards and the Pick Punch.
2. Please note that in the pics above, I show the card design-side up in the punch.  When you flip the punch over, you can see exactly where the punch will cut through the card.  So I actually punched everything design-side down (see more photos of the punch here).
3. I got 7 perfect picks from my two cards and one with a "bite" shape out of it (because the card was a butterfly shape to begin with.)  Enough to make a pair of earrings and a pendant.  Earrings first:

4. I used a small nail and hammer to make the holes in the shapes.
5. I glued the pieces together, let them dry and gathered earring hardware and a few seed beads.
6. And presto! Guitar-pick earrings.

7. For the pendant, I arranged the pieces until they formed a flower that worked for me then glued them.
8. Once the pieces were firmly in place, I glued on two buttons.
9. When the whole thing was dry, I knocked in the hole, added the jump hoop and beads and now I have a guitar-pick pendant.

To read my review of Pick Punch (and enter to win one for yourself) go here. Or, visit Pick Punch

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