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So... me showing you corners of my home was supposed to be a weekly thing. Hah! But I've finally got to the bathroom before/after post that's been sitting in limbo for a long time. So I'm proud of myself. This is by far the biggest project we took on in this home (painting the kitchen and dining area and creating a nursery were nothing in comparison!). When we were considering buying this condo, the HUGE bathroom was a selling point. The purple walls... not so much. Deep, greyish purple. Really?? So I knew the painting would have to happen asap.

The result: two different paint colors on the walls (think "clean joins") and we took on the cabinets ourselves. The cabinets... oy. A LOT of work. But five years (and one toddler) later, they still look perfect so it was worth it.

The longest bathroom ever. Really. The pictures cannot convey how bizarrely long this room is.

Yay! White cabinets. 

The original light fixture above the vanity was hideous. Grabbed this one on sale and then paid someone else to wrestle with it. Worth every penny.

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  1. So what was the secret with the cabinets? My kitchen cabinets looked dingy only 6 months after the paint job . . .

    1. Ummm... not sure. We didn't sand. We did use some sort of undercoat. It was nasty, thick stuff that was NOT fun to apply. But then the paint went on beautifully and it's lasted. So I guess it was worth it!


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