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I rarely (almost never?) put together posts that are more "inspiration" than MAKE. But a few months ago I found myself rounding up what I've come to think of as "gravity defying" or suspension bookshelves - shelves that, for whatever reason, should not really be able to support books. But they do. And beautifully so. The image above is what started this collection - a completely fantastical library space. The image below takes the idea the extreme ... read on for more practical options!

ElasticShelf ... created with recycled bike tires. 

I love this Balance Bookshelf ... really good way to show of books you aren't going to access any time soon (like the ones you've already read but won't get rid of!)

The many many small pieces of waste wood makes this BlockShelf look oddly fragile.

I love the idea of turning existing piping in book storage ...

I love the combination of natural and industrial in this thing!

Talk about flexible! And visual! With so much DIY/Upcycle potential ... don't you think? Lots more images here.

Yet another clever use of old leather straps / belts from DS*

Even more gravity-defying ... from Apartment Therapy

Earlier this year I dedicated a week to repurposing old 35mm film and negatives. I featured this shelf in my decor roundup ... but it belongs here too. Because it looks like its floating ...

How much "shelf" do you really need or use? Not a DIY or an upcycle ... but it could be. And it's freakin' great!

A little wine-bottle suspension? Via Storage and Glee

I don't know how this suspension rack works ... but the effect is wonderful! 

And finally, something I spotted on Pinterest recently. Books in a vice - nice. 

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  1. These are great - so wish I had the time/energy/know how to build them. I especially like the idea of let my kids hoist themselves up to the book they want! Great (shall I say Inspirational?) round-up!


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