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I rarely (almost never?) put together posts that are more "inspiration" than MAKE. But a few months ago I found myself rounding up what I've come to think of as "gravity defying" or suspension bookshelves - shelves that, for whatever reason, should not really be able to support books. But they do. And beautifully so. The image above is what started this collection - a completely fantastical library space. The image below takes the idea the extreme ... read on for more practical options!

If you've followed this blog for any period of time, you know it's riddled with ideas for refabbing old books and book pages (folds, clocks, accessories etc). I don't think old books should end up in landfills. I'm also really picky about what they get turned into! These two recently caught my eye and join the ranks of "great idea!": A fresh spin on the book-as-secret-storage idea, at BHG (above). And an old book cover used to hide an ugly wireless router (below) from Anamu - genius.