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Quick weekend project to share with you! I've often thought "I bet it would be easy to turn pant legs into sleeves." But since I've never actually sewn sleeves into anything, I've never tried. Then I saw these pants on Ms K's "donate" pile ... because they're too short for Ms Ro. Not to mention too "light" considering the season. "But they're pretty" whined my inner refabber. "And they match that t-shirt you're holding onto!!!"  So... ok. This weekend I took both pieces and tried it. And it was fiddly, but really easy. Here's how it went:

As my "pattern", I used a sleeve I chopped off a onesie some time last year. I knew the sleeve width was good - just needed to add length. Lined up along one seam of the pants and the hem, most of the "finishing" was already taken care of. Cut a new sleeve from each leg.

Here are your new sleeves - you just need to flip them inside out and stitch up one side. Then they're ready to be inserted. 

I pinned them onto the shirt on the wrong side. Then, turned the whole thing right-side-out, held it against Ms Ro to make sure the sleeve length was appropriate, then pinned it again on the right side.

Ok ... sewing teeny-tiny sleeves is a pain in the ^*$&#. Wow. You have to be careful. I will admit I almost ditched the project at this point. But then I got over myself and just took it slowly.

And voila! Well, maybe not "voila!" because that implies some sort of magical transformation. This was a hack job and I didn't love every minute of doing it. But the result... cute! Exactly what I hoped for and it cost nothing more than about 45 mins of my weekend.  :)

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  1. Oh no - now I have another reason not to donate those cute pants! I see that my pile o things to refashion will be growing! But hey, if I wait long enough, maybe the pants will fit the arms without any sewing!!

  2. Eerie ... just this morning I put a pair of sweat pants on my son ROWAN!! And I thought to myself "Sigh. I bought these because they match this shirt and now they're way too short." BINGO!

    1. Eerie indeed! :) If you make a shirt for your Rowan, please do share - I'd love to see it!!

  3. That is beyond ingenious! I don't sew, but I would never have thought of doing something like that! Featuring you next week. Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

    1. Thanks Carrie! For the compliment and future feature ... :)


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