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Today, follow me down a rabbit hole into a world of transformed (and transformative) air plants ... spiders, jellyfish, seaweed, and more! Eleven ways to upcycle / repurpose household and vintage items into airy display-ariums... 

I just discovered Salvaged Spaces and am entranced by this airy earth-day idea!

The lovely air jellies by Petit Beast have been circling the blogosphere for a while... but they're too beautiful not to include them here.

This simple DIY from via Design Sponge uses plastic shampoo bottle lids! Perfect way to create some air-nemones for yourself.

Well, what else are you going to do with a card catalog in 2013? I love this

Old frame + string + nails ... air-spiders! Great little DIY from All the Good Girls go to Heaven

Or maybe this one deserves the air-spiders name? Beautiful, simple repurpose of a vintage fan cover

And just how much does air weigh? Is airy justice blind or just absent? Via Etsy

These plants are displayed in old olive cans, hung using pop tabs

Window dressing? Again, love the simplicity

Repurposing old toys as planters ... not unique. But an air plant v. a succulent? Now that's a good idea!

Saving the best 'til last. Love the repurposing of the book ... the geeky use of test tubes. And the somewhat creepy final product!

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