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If you know me (or you've read my bio) then you know I love good beer. Emphasis on good... really good. And since I live in Chicago, I'm spoiled for choice when it comes to local craft breweries, creating amazing brews. Great branding (visual design and names) seems to go hand-in-hand with craft brewing. I'm always entertained (and impressed by) the packaging, the quirky names and the rich, fun descriptions of each beer.

Finch's has been around since 2009. I'm no expert, but they seem to have made their mark very quickly!  And the collaboration with Threadless in 2011 (to create a branded IPA) produced not only a great beer, but a really inspiring collection of designs. When I saw the winning can, I thought jewelry! Yup. I really did. Ever since I posted a collection of "upcycled can" ideas, I've been wanting to try it myself. Apparently I finally found my inspiration! So, over the course of the next week, I'll post tutorials for each of the pieces you see above. As each one goes live, so will the links below so please check back!

1. Teardrop earrings

2. Pin / Hair clip

3. Simple pendant

4. Statement geometric necklace

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  1. Great Idea. I also tried once to use can material for jewelry, but it was not success. It can be that European cans are thinner and edges were very sharp. It will be great to see your tutorial


    1. Hi Guna ... I'm looking forward to sharing! I was expecting the edges to be much sharper but they weren't too bad. And I just used a nail file on those that worried me. You might be right about European vs American cans.


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