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Repurpose: Grandfathered Shelving

Grandfather clocks. Is it possible to feel "neutral" about them I wonder? Personally, I hate them. So much so that my mother has willed my grandfather's grandfather clock (!) to my cousin (whose grandfather this man was not). Because my cousin loves the clock. Perhaps my dear mom knows that if I were ever forced to bring it into my home, I'd rip out its insomnia-inducing, gonging guts and turn it into something else. (Bit harsh?)

Like a shelf, perhaps? I saw this Booth 121 idea and immediately went looking for DIYs ... my kind of shabby chic! (image via)

Above is a version spotted in an online store. No tutorial but I wanted to show a different approach. If you actually want to make one, then Trash to Treasure is your destination. Her transformed clock is pictured below. Complete tutorial here.

And what about the little ones that hang on the walls? I was also surrounded by those as a kid ... so I really like this idea for gutting it, care of My Shabby Chateau:

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