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How many trends have collided here? Lets see ... neon + yarn bombing/balls + macrame + suspended plants. Yes, really. And you know what? I'm won over by the simplicity. I love this particular use of brights. I love hanging plants. I love yarn and crochet bombing! And I'm secretly thrilled that one of my parents' favorite '70s past-time (macrame!) is back.

These amazing, suspended moss ball are by Mister Moss. It's worth clicking through to see some of their fabulous installations!  If you're interested in making some of your own, here's a tutorial care of D*S

These are called AirNests by their Etsy maker (Bigger than Little). If you haven't yet tried your hand at making one of these hollow yarn balls, there are good instructions here

Salvaged barn wood, nails and yarn! Go here for many more lovely images

I'm not quite sure what these lovely planters are made of. But when I saw them, I thought "2 litre soda bottle bottoms!" It would be easy to make, right?  In fact, see below...

The girls at A Beautiful Mess are always ready to upcycle and play with trends and colors. Here's their DIY version!

Two macrame DIYs for you. This one from HollyWould Blvd

This one from Mundo Manualidades (if you're using Chrome, the translator kicks in. And the images are good!)

If you crochet, apparently this should be your spring project! From Peaches Keen

An entire installation of neon planter wonders ... also from Peaches Keen via

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