Repurpose: My book vase in Woman's Day! | the ReFab Diaries

It's been a bit quiet around here lately ... my apologies. I got a new (full-time) job and writing new posts (or making anything myself) has had to take a back seat. But check this out! Remember my book vase/planter? I entered it into a Woman's Day DIY challenge and it won!

They've tweaked my idea pretty significantly and ultimately gutted more books than I'd like... but hey, I'm happy for the nod. Click here to see my original, much simpler Book Vase.

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  1. The pictures from the Woman's DAY vase are no longer visibke.

  2. Looks like Women's Day doesn't maintain their older posts. You aren't missing much - they basically glued the spines of hardback books to a box; not really the kind of upcycled craft I submitted to their "contest".


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