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So - this was a good idea. I'm snot sure I love the end result though... it's all a bit, er ... orange? This from someone who loves orange. Anyway, the kid seems to like it. And when you're stuck with a onesie that seems to have been designed for a short, yet amazingly rotund, baby, it's a fun repurpose!

Ms Ro is almost three. This thrifted onesie is exactly the right width for her. And since she's an apparently average-sized child I have to wonder ... who the *&# was it made for? An orange-and-crochet loving panda cub? Anyway, the detail across the top is pretty and really unusual, so I hung onto it until I could turn it into something. The orange knit top is one of mine that fell victim to the dryer. So those are your ingredients!

I used a current favorite dress as my template. Lined it all up and cut the onesie. Then the t-shirt. Obviously leaving enough extra fabric for the join.

The shirt fabric is a pretty thin knit, and was also far more than I really needed. So I tried these little pleats all the way around. After this, I joined top and bottom and done.

Again, the end result looks so-so. Oddly boxy? But the kid likes to twirl and twirl it does :)

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  1. What kind of thread did you use? Zigzag stitch?


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