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Last weekend, I spent many hours wandering the One of a Kind show at Chicago's Merchandize Mart. It's a massive show - big enough for Etsy to sponsor a whole section and still be hard to find. I like the show. I try to attend every year. It's a great place to see incredible jewelry, fine art and high-end functional art from across the US. 

But my real hope, every year, is that something will surprise me. I want to be wowed by creativity. In the realm of creative repurposing (or upcycling), I saw very little this year that I'd consider new. Plenty of work going on with wine bottles, sea glass, felted wool and old silverware. Nothing different enough to blog about. Then I rounded a corner and saw Alison's stained glass

Alison scours thrift stores and garage sales for old lamp parts, chandelier pieces ... glassware of every description, and then she uses old window frames to create these. These. I don't even know what to call them! They're so much more than stained-glass windows or glass art. Because of all the different pieces she uses, they have depth ... extra dimension. So the light moves in unexpected ways. I literally couldn't stop looking. You can see all her pieces currently for sale here. If you're in Chicago this coming weekend (Dec 14), she's showing at the Chicago Art Girls pop up store in the Pulaski Park fieldhouse.

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  1. my first time at your site some fabulous designs


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