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I found out recently, care of BA's inflight magazine, that there are over 900 used bookshops in Johannesburg. This makes it a record holder. It's also home to Collector's Treasury - possibly the largest used bookshop in the southern hemisphere. As a South African, I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I've never really considered JhB a "destination". I pass through there on my way to Cape Town. But. Now I have this extremely interesting nugget of information, I might make an effort in the future.

In the meantime, I love the many used bookstores in Chicago. Open Books being a particular favorite. What does this have to do with the fabulous refabbed bookends featured above? Not a lot. Except that I'm thinking about books. :) 

And I do love the idea of propping them up with sold stuff that would otherwise not be displayed in some artistic way! Especially when the old "stuff" is somewhat ironically repurposed (typewriters!) Click through the links below for the full tutorials. 

1. Cameras

2. Cherry red heels you love but might be terrified to actually wear?

3. Amazing old headphones

4. This repurposing of old phones is one of my favorites

5. Typewriters 

6. Smart vinyl 

7. Plastic horse

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