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The mini-blinds. If you rent an apartment (flat) anywhere in the world, I believe you probably live with mini-blinds. They're ugly. And hard to clean. And I think that when people dream of owning a home, they also dream of a life without mini-blinds.

This past weekend, the USA celebrated Memorial Day. This holiday is also the unofficial kickoff to summer. And a big moving weekend. Which means the Chicago alleys are full of crap people are throwing out. Including mini-blinds. Next time you consider shoving them into a dumpster, consider this: they're durable vinyl. They aren't going away any time soon. Anything else you could do with them (after soaking them in the bath of course) .... ? 

1. Make your own starburst mirror. Instructions at The DIY Club and Bigger Than the Three of Us. (image via)

2. Make a truly unreal "80's Hair" chandelier. The instructions for this thing are epic ... and it's totally doable. I'm serious. Check our Mindful Making's two-part tutorial.

3. Planting a garden this summer? Use them as plant markers  :)

4. Weave a durable basket ... they're strips of plastic after all!  Great instructions at Scraps of Life

5. Need outdoor party decor? They work for that too. Idea from Birds and Blooms

Finally, are you ridding yourself of vertical blinds? How about a DIY woven headboard. Instructions at Mad in Crafts.

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