Fab: Enchanted Fairy Forest | the ReFab Diaries

Last weekend I took myself and Ms Ro on a little woodland adventure in Michigan. We spent Saturday night near the beach a mile south of Sawyer. Then on Sunday, we drove up to Fat Blossom farm in Allegan. Fat Blossom is a family-owned organic farm. A couple of times a year, they turn the back woods into an "Enchanted Forest". I honestly wasn't sure what to expect ... but based on the fairy-house kits they sell at markets in the city, I was optimistic. And I wasn't disappointed! Everything is built using natural materials, most of which is found on the farm. They run building workshops for school groups, girl scouts etc - it's refabbing at it's most whimsical!

We wondered through the woods for about 45 mins ... discovering fairy treasure around corners and tucked between tree stumps. It was magical for both of us and if you can make it Oct 11/12, do it!

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