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You may have seen the recent post dedicated to my scrappy tree and handmade ornaments (copper himmeli and twig-and-wire trees). This copper candle holder was made at the same time. I was inspired by the metal taper holders I've seen here and here. I liked being able to find a new use for a mason jar. And upcycle a little plastic sample bottle at the same time! Read on for the instructions...

The list of what you need is short and simple:

  • mason jar
  • candle
  • a small plastic bottle you can cut and paint (good use for little sample bottles or those Danon yoghurt "shots")
  • pliers and paint
  • 16 gauge copper wire (or heavier, but not lighter)

First, paint the little plastic cup. I used these metallic paints and it took two coats to cover. Once the paint is dry, use a thick needle or nail to create two holes in the cup. Then measure the wire and loop it through.

I guess the only thing to keep in mind when measure and cutting the wire is leaving yourself enough room to play.

First step in hanging this thing is the first bend. Yes, the wire can be looped into the cup in a way that creates a firm hold. But in the end, you still have a candle in a swing. So take your time here.

Once you've got the initial wire bend out of the way, you can play with making it pretty. I kept this simple because I wanted one side to hold an ornament and the other to help keep it all stable.

And there it is. Full disclosure: I thought I'd be able to secure the candle in the cup and light it before lowering it into the jar. This didn't work. Ultimately, I got it all stable then lit it once it was it was in the jar.

To read more about the copper Himmeli ornament, click through... 

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