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I design jewelry to create and celebrate beauty, and to make those who wear my pieces feel beautiful. To me, necklaces are like magic talismans that can transform not only an outfit but the person wearing it. - Tania Rodamilans

Yay! A giveaway ... just in time for Mother's Day! I'm thrilled to introduce you to my otherworldly, yet totally down-to-earth friend Tania Rodamilans. Originally from Barcelona, she now lives and works in Chicago ("the city that stole my heart"). Here's a little about her, in her own words: 

"I find as much inspiration in a rusted piece of hardware as in a Japanese flower arrangement, or a beautifully presented pasta dish. I often find myself working on one project in my studio while thinking about the next one. Finding inspiration is rarely the problem. Focus and stillness tend to be my weaknesses. What I enjoy the most is the process of exploration and discovery, and the simple wonder of playing with colors, water and fire. But it is in the discipline of art that the potential of a blank slate becomes endless possibility."

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Tania started designing jewelry when she realized she was modifying and altering most of the pieces she owned to make them her own. She decided it was time to transition from one art form to another, so she parked the brushes for a while and started to design art she could wear. 

"Unlike a painting or a photograph, jewelry moves with your body. I try to incorporate movement in my pieces because I am fascinated by the non-static nature of jewelry. That’s why I love to design longer pieces, the more chain you add the more it is going to move."

"Accessories, added to the most basic outfits, can make them come alive, like the subtle magic that music brings to film or a frame can bring to a work of art."

"I like to work with stones and organic materials that have texture and color. I prefer uneven surfaces and interesting shapes. Their imperfections make them unique, thus making each piece slightly different. This translates into collecting tarnished metals; rough, elemental stones; and natural textural inspirations. strive to create a collection that is modern and vintage, unexpected and instinctive, otherworldly and totally down-to-earth." 

"Imaginative and versatile pieces that allow you to be creative. Organic with an urban feel, my accessories are well-balanced statement pieces with a story to tell."

- If you're local, meet Tania in person at the upcoming Show of Hands, May 8-10 - Mother's Day weekend.
- Visit Tania's website and her Etsy store

Denise Riesen Photography

What you can win:

The piece (retail value $70) is part of the Impermanence Collection. Designed for versatility, because I love change! The word impermanence comes from the Pali word “anicca” which means inconstant - the absence of permanence. Amber is fossilized resin, principally from extinct coniferous trees. Amber is said to represent the dividing line between the individual soul and the universal soul.

This 34-inch amber necklace is bohemian and yet glamorous. It only takes one piece to make your whole outfit stand out. The perfect fringe accessory. It has a double lobster clasp so that you can shorten the necklace to your desired length.

There are lots of ways to enter (through the Rafflecopter entry below) so come back every day to up your chances. Giveaway opens 8am EST Wednesday, 4/29 and ends Sunday, 5/2 at midnight. WINNER announced Monday, 5/3. Open to US residents, 18 and older. Retail value is $70

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