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This idea for the kitchen was inspired partly by Pinterest and partly by need! First, I have a whole Pinboard dedicated to new uses for fallen branches. I love the many ways you can repurpose them indoors and used branches as a Christmas tree last year. Then I hung on to some of the sturdier ones when I moved in January (I got odd looks from the movers!) 

The need arose when I found myself staring at my new "back splash" every time I washed dishes. It's ugly. It's in serious need of fresh paint, or a real makeover! But I'm renting ... so whatever I do has to be temporary. I also had no way to organize the paper towel, sponge etc. And that's how the idea arose. I spent $2 on leather belts at a thrift store and everything else I needed, I already had. 

To create a paper towel holder, you literally just need the belts, the branches and a couple of nails. 

First step: measure and cut the belt pieces. This really depends on your space. Then attach the pieces to the wall. The nails I used were quite short (more like tacks), so I worked in two parts. I attached a piece as picture above. Then I folded it up and nailed the other end to the wall too. 

And that's really it. For a different take on the paper-towel holder, click here

For the organizer above the sink, I got to repurpose plastic juice and milk bottles. The only other thing needed were some trusty S-hooks. 

And that's it! I suppose I should be growing herbs. But I already had these little plants and I love how leafy they are :) 

I don't use paper towel very often, so I'm ok with a somewhat "novel" holder like this. What I've found however, is that it works just fine. 100% upcycled AND 100% functional :) 

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