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In only its second year, and plagued by unpredictable weather, Remix 2015 still delivered a few unexpected discoveries for me! 

First up, Chicago Beach Glass. My favorite kind of upcycling, it's made almost entirely of what gets left on Chicago's beaches (yes, we have beaches!). See the chart middle-right? It shows the distribution of sea glass... blue and red are rare! 

Kim Schafer is Eyelidcanvas. She works with everything from Erector set pieces (her bracelets above!) to vintage lucite.

I swooned a little over A Mechanical Mind. If you know me, you'll already know that the birds and the Mantis stole my heart. Unlike a lot of clock-part jewelry, Justin's work is delicate and unbelievably intricate. That Mantis has moving parts! 

Lindsey of Made by Q has been recycling and upcycling all her life. I loved her button and vintage jewelry magnets and ornaments created using old chandelier pieces.

I think this gorgeous work by Sara Lierly speak for itself! 

Cork and Barrel Furniture is Bob Forestall's creation. I would very happily have left with the 1930's "Cerveza Indio" table (a tray that Bob has repurposed).

Finger's crossed this festival can hang in for another year ... !

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