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Confession: the whole pallet fad left me cold. In part because pallet wood (when you can get it) is mostly terrible wood. I mean TERRIBLE. So I avoided that particular bandwagon. Until I found this one, left in my alley (the provider of all things). This pallet was almost brand new. And made of solid, beautiful, mostly smooth pine. So this pallet came inside with me ... and the movers got to move it for me. And then I went to work and turned it into a workbench organizer.  

To make this guy work for me, I really just needed to remove a few slats. The nails in pallets are long so you have to be patient or you ruin the wood. Once it looked more like a shelving system, I stained parts of it. Because, you know... I like to make work for myself. 

In my old apartment, I used this Ikea bar system in my bathroom and kitchen. I don't need them in my new place, so they made a perfect addition to my storage system. 

I added a couple of cup hooks to hold scissors.

It's hard to see, but that's an old juice bottle holding the staple gun and supplies. 

It's holding a lot of books too!

All this takes up one corner of the room that's supposed to be a "dining room". It's pretty liberating to just make the decision to have a multi-roomed LIVING area. Because easy access to tools and books and materials makes living richer for me. Eating also happens in this room. And bird watching. And ballet practice. And many other things. So here it is... a corner of my life. :) 

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