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If you're a regular reader (thank you!), then you know I moved in February this year. It was a significant move, from a one-bedroom basement space to a two-bedroom apartments for rent in alexandria va on the third floor. So, I acquired a LOT more space overnight. Including a room for Ms R, when she stays over. It's taking me a long time to make all this new space feel like home. In part because I don't have the money to "just furnish" it all. And, more to the point, that's not how I function. 

Ms R's room has taken an especially long time to come together because I knew what she wanted, but it took time to find it. It's now complete thanks to a $12 sheet from the 1970s

Ms R loves butterflies. The plush monarch on the bed was a toy she put on her list for Santa when she was 3. She also loves leaves and trees. She says her favorite color is pink, but when I showed her this sheet, she had a strong reaction. Because, BUTTERFLIES! So I pulled the trigger and committed to making her a duvet cover and matching pillowcase. 

I wanted to make an actual duvet cover, so I bought a flat white sheet from a thrift store for $2. The width of the sheets was already perfect (including seam allowance) for a standard US twin duvet cover (UK single). I had to trim just over a foot off the length, which left me with plenty of fabric to make a fun pillow.

Stitching very long edges together is like mowing the lawn. :)

The pillowcase was more work than the cover! I ironed the left-over strip of fabric onto a piece of paperbacked fusible web (the stuff makes applique more-or-less idiot proof so I love it!) then cut out as much as a I could to create some sort of prettiness on the pillow. 

And there it is :)  Because I'm in a warm third-floor space, I may never need to put an actual duvet in the thing. But I'm glad it has the potential to be used that way. 

The only new things in this room are the silly leaf (!), the bedside lamp and the mattress (all Ikea). The rug and curtains are repurposed from different rooms in my old apt. I was thrilled to get the solid wood bed and base through a Facebook trading post for $85. And the bedside table is an alley grab that got a makeover last year.  

Other upcycles in her room: The orange record clock (tutorial here) and the bird mobile (tutorial here). Notice the distinct LACK of pink? Ha! 

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