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This year, my full-time job (writing) and my passion (this blog and what it represents) have been colliding in wonderful ways. Up first: Plastic is Forever, created by my very talented friend Sam Feld. She's an artist and designer with a fondness for turtles, a heart of gold and a fierce concern for the environment. This year she decided to launch (on her own) a campaign to raise awareness around the issue of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes. With some guidance from The Alliance for the Great Lakes, she got to work. And I got to create some words for her campaign (e.g. above) ... which I now get to share it with you! 

Sam is designing campaign pieces ready to share. Follow Plastic is Forever on Facebook and Instagram and share this message (and beautiful work) a LOT!  

Here's the crux of the thing: 

The Great Lakes define the Midwest. They are the source of water for millions of Americans and Canadians and deserve better treatment than they’re getting. Every piece of plastic that washes into them stays there. Whether it’s left on the beach to disintegrate in the sun or is sent down the drain, plastic is poisoning our lakes.

Microplastics are particles smaller than the eye can see. So small, that animals mistake them for food. They are in turn consumed and the health problems spiral up the food chain. The resulting environmental damage is tremendous.

It’s crucial that we recognize the impact of our plastic-dependent habits on the lakes and the wildlife that call them home. Every piece of plastic we use (and throw out) is here to stay, so let's keep it out of the waterways.

Take control of what and how you consume. Raise your own awareness and the awareness of others.
Keep plastic out of the Great Lakes because #plasticisforever.

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