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My mom started collecting decorative plates when I was 12. Her collection adorns the top of the cabinets in her kitchen. And when I say collection, I mean 40+ plates. I have always been, at best, blind to them. At worst... well, not very nice about her dust collectors. But. I already know that when the time comes to choose what of hers to keep, I will choose a selection of her damned plates. So, in the spirit of imagining (and re-imagining) their future, this is a collection of ideas I really like.

1. Not really a DIY but I can see it inspiring one. Definitely click through to see the gallery of these amazing plates. I love how often they frame the canvas and I can imagine trying this with a basic print and mod podge.

2. Boho botanical idea from Honestly WTF for the least interesting sort of dinnerware you can buy at thrift stores and yard sales for pennies.

3. There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest for turning plates and old candle sticks into cake or dessert stands. I love the colors in these jewelry stands so I'm linking to it!

4/5. Not that I'm contemplating destroying my mom's plates, but I do love the idea of building them into the fabric of a future home. In the garden as ground cover or mosaic paving. Or in the kitchen. Click here for the full tour of this amazing kitchen!

6. Plate collection as window cornice - a really novel idea! Especially if the plates are reworked a little first (see 1 and 2).

Finally, keep this hanger hack in mind! Plate hangers are easy to come by and inexpensive. But if you need flexibility for grouping them in interesting ways (or you're just seriously thrifty) this is a great idea care of Fluffy Flowers.

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  1. Scary to hang plates with rubber bands! Sorry, but they get brittle and break easily.


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