Architectural Artifacts and a Show of Hands | the ReFab Diaries

Yesterday I happily wandered a new a favorite Chicago craft show (Show of Hands) and supported two of my favorite jewelers and friends: Tania Rodamilans and Betsy Siber. I also experienced the amazing thing that is Architectural Artifacts. It's described as an antique store and architectural museum. I'd describe it as a three-ring-circus for junk jivers. Or perhaps as The Night Circus meets Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium meets American Horror Story? I'll stop writing now and just show you lots of pictures. 

From a time when you could "know" your future for two quarters.

When I go back, this is where I will find treasure.


Crystal mosaic anyone?

Also on my wishlist ... these old textile spools

See that tag on the orange O? It has my name on it. 

And last, but not least ... this. 

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