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I'll be a the warmer hemisphere for the holidays this year, so my Chicago decorating is minimal. And I don't have a real tree. Not sure I ever will because. Well. Bit wasteful I think? 

But I kinda do have a tree. At the very least, a way to display ornaments and lights. Because most of my ornaments are meaningful and unpacking them every year is a sentimental journey I look forward to. Many are souvenirs. Some gifts from people I love. And/or, in the case of the intricately beaded South African angel, made by someone I love (my mom). 

I also have a few ornaments I made myself (see below for the how to). So, yes, some decorating has happened! 

Here's the colorful, glowy thing I'm enjoying.

The new addition this year is a Kelzuki "Wolf King". I've been following Minneapolis-based Kelsey Oseid for a while now. When she started painting ornaments a couple of weeks ago, I leapt at the chance to own a small piece of hers. This guy is painted on a hand-carved remnant of wood - here's a better picture:

Last year I made the twig and wire tree pictured above as well as copper geometric ornaments (inspired by himmeli). Here's the tutorial for both

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