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Chicago's One of Kind show is an enormous, overwhelming thing. Etsy grounds a small portion of the section dedicated to fashion, jewelry and craft. Then there's a huge section of fine art, photography, furniture and other things.  

I go every year to meet professional upcyclers. People at the top of their game, doing things I've never seen before. This year, it was all about glass. 

First, Kathleen Plate. She is Smart Glass Jewelry and lighting (above). And she is fabulous! I could have talked to her for hours. Kathleen's been doing what she does for decades and has patented her process. Please click through to see her gorgeous range of jewelry. And the custom chandeliers ... damn. 

This isn't the first time I'm featuring Alison's Stained Glass (see this). But I'm including her again because really, when you walk around the corner and see this stuff, it's breathtaking. 

And finally, Nick Paul and his wife Heather. What's unusual about Nick's work is that it involves actual glass blowing. Instead of cutting and grinding bottles to make glassware, he's reshaping them to create tall glasses and vases. The result: a more delicate rim you actually want to drink from. And... each glass holds at least the same volume of liquid as the bottle from which it was made. Think about it beer lovers! And watch this space. I've been invited to the workshop to witness the process and I'm going to take them up on the offer next year :) Shop their Etsy store for the holidays. 

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