Trimming my waste: Week 1 (hard soap FTW) | the ReFab Diaries

If you missed it, here's the post explaining the whole "trimming my waste" thing.

Goals - Week 1:

  1. Precycle: reduce the amount of packaging I bring into my home, even if it's recyclable
  2. Reduce exposure to chemicals in cosmetics. Because no one seems to be regulating them or       explaining them very well. See Stink! ... you won't like what you smell hear
  3. Support small, local businesses making products using simple ingredients

Stretch goal: DIY soap or body wash.

Ok, week 1. Easing into this commitment... because it's just soap, right? And it's not hard to find beautiful, affordable, kindly-made bars of soap. So this is an easy way to start.

HURDLE: Some "hard" soaps turn my skin to chalk after one use. Ak! So, like most things, there will be some trial and error involved in this transition, especially in winter in Chicago. That's ok. I also might try soap making again. But I really need to read up on making a genuinely moisturizing version because a plain glycerine base won't cut it.

Do any of you have a favorite bar that's kind to really dry skin? Or a recipe for such a thing? Perhaps the winter solution is a homemade body wash like this?

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