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It's Sunday and I'm feeling nostalgic. Maybe it's seeing all my friends' (and cousins') children growing up and starting to look exactly like them! Anyway, I have albums of old photographs and negatives from a time when that's how we did things. And today I went looking for some ideas for "keeping" these things in a different way:

I especially like this candle-holder idea for truly vintage pics. 

If you have kids, I like the idea of playing bingo with old family photos! It's an interesting way to engage them in looking at their past - just add the the photos to a grid. f you have younger kids then keep it simple, just drawing names of people pictured from a hat. Kids can mark these family members off with counters or beads so they don’t damage the photos. To learn more about bingo or game grids, check out bingo sites on

I love everything about this idea. The vintage frames. Having them frame images instead of eyes! The metaphor of looking back, hindsight etc  :)  Get the how-to at Lemon Tree Creations. And if you want more ideas for repurposing old eye-glasses, here's a round-up.

I think I've posted this Photo JoJo idea before, but it never gets old. It's an amazing way to create completely unique fabric using a dye kit and the power of the sun. The process is quick, easy, and it's a great way to upcycle fabric that's flawed, discolored or has stains that just won’t come out.

For lots of other ideas for repurposing old photos, head to Brit and Co.

When I was a kid, negatives seemed really mysterious to me, as did the film on my dad's projector! And I don't think they're lost their mystique, which is why I'm attracted to the idea of decorating with them. For more on the lamp pictured above and lots of other idea for negative decor , see this round up.

A couple of years ago, I made both earrings and a necklace with old negatives. Instructions for the earrings here. For the necklace, here.

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