Trimming my waste: Week 12 (bamboo untensils) | the ReFab Diaries

Goals - Week 12:
  1. Reduce my reliance on plastic in the kitchen
  2. Slowly replace things with non-plastic alternatives
Stretch goal: plastic-free kitchen

Unlike toothbrushes (read the post), kitchen utensils last a while. The black ones pictured above are at least 3 years old. And they'd last forever because, well, they're plastic (synonym for "durable"). 

But I can see that the edges actually connecting with hot pots and pans aren't pristine anymore. And that bothers me. I have no actual evidence that plastic is melting into my food in small amounts. But the thought was enough to prompt me to make this very affordable replacement this week. 

And my old utensils are now in the recycling because they are actually recyclable! Now I own a bamboo toothbrush and bamboo kitchen utensils. I also own (and love) a bamboo bluetooth speaker ... but that's a story for another time. :) 

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